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Taylor’s Music Piano Showroom | 116 West Gay Street | West Chester, PA 19380

  • Taylor’s Music Store has provided new and certified pre-owned pianos to customers in Chester County PA since 1929.

  • We are a proud to represent Kawai, Baldwin and Hallet, Davis & Co. Pianos.

  • We have a three fully stocked showrooms in Downtown West Chester PA with friendly staff (Pete, Tony, Tom, and Joe) to help in making the right decision on a pre-owned piano.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about us:

Taylor's Music Store & Studios
Based on 123 reviews
Brandywine Lady
01:27 08 Mar 23
As acoustic spinet pianos are notoriously high maintenance due to the smaller sound boards, and have not been manufactured since the mid 1990s, we decided it was time to look at a good digital piano. In addition we wanted it to look like a traditional piano and not a basic keyboard.As we are both degreed Music Majors from West Chester U. we are long time patrons of Taylor's Music and knew Tom Buglio, Manager of the Keyboard/ Piano Department, was the right man to see.Although we had our eyes on a model without a lot of built-in bells and whistles, Tom was more than patient and beautifully demonstrated each of the different settings with musical selections appropriate to each.At our first visit, I wasn't quite ready to part with our beautiful Baldwin spinet which my (deceased) parents had gifted to me. But by our second visit we had decided on the Kawai CN29 in ebony, which met all of our specifications and would look perfect in our music room.The next day, we received a phone call from B&N Piano Service who would deliver and set up our new piano and remove the old one as well. Three days later we had our new piano.It was that easy.We are enjoying getting to know the Kawai and will continue to use Taylor's for their professionalism and excellence in service.Sally and TomWest Chester, PA.
Mark & Susanna Paul
21:36 06 Feb 23
Taylor's Music Store has been the go-to for quality and expertise as long as I can remember! As a young pianist in West Chester, Taylor's was the first place I ever went to purchase music (in the pre-Amazon '90s!), so it seemed logical that we should check out their offerings when we were in the market for a musical investment. We recently purchased a baby grand piano and could not be more pleased with the service Tom Buglio provided to us. We stopped in "on a whim" "just to look" between family commitments over the Thanksgiving holiday. We were convinced we wanted a used, Big Name piano - and Taylor's had one on display in the window. Rather than try that one (it was too big for the space we had available at home), Tom suggested a quick test of a brand new Kawai baby grand. From the first warm, clear note, we knew we'd found something VERY special. That weekend we tried a dozen different pianos, used and new, high end and "budget," and nothing came close to the glorious instrument we ended up purchasing from Taylor's. Thanks to Tom, our music room is now ready to fill the whole house with music!
Gary Zupan
17:16 05 Jan 23
I live in West Chester and recently bought two electronic keyboards and acoustic grand piano. I regularly buy sheet music at Taylor's Music Store. The sales and service people are helpful, so I keep coming back. They have plenty of uprights and grand pianos to try out. If you do not play, they have straight answers as piano experts. I think the prices good enough so that I do not need to deal anywhere else. More than anything I would like for people to enjoy every second of caring for, practicing, and playing a fine musical instrument. I do every day. Tom and Pete can suggest to you particularly good buys in your price range.
Catapult Colors
21:04 28 Nov 22
I was piano shopping and browsed five different shops in Greater Philadelphia. Taylor's was the best experience. It's one of few that will list prices online for their acoustic pianos. They also have videos of their pianos which were really helpful. Other places brushed me off and were too busy for me as if I weren't worth their time. With the supply shortage, other places tried pushing me on pianos I didn't want. Tom was patient and was the only one who followed up with me when what I was searching for became in stock.
OASD Elementary Band
15:08 28 Jun 22
Quality, skilled technicians at Taylor's, restored my baby grand to its former glory. What a delight to play on a well tuned piano! Gina was personable, prompt, and professional.
Michael C
19:36 18 Apr 22
Taylor Music owner Tom provided excellent customer services to us and fully explained in details about their Piano products. We purchased our used Yamaha U3 piano from Taylor music and was confident that it will last for decades to come. Post Piano sell, We found a minor crack on our Piano bench and some hairline cracks on the piano keytops, and we contacted Tom. Tom was able to replaced the bench and the entire set of keyytops for our piano due to different shade of colors, we can't just replace the affected keys, plus, we are under warranty. Now the Piano looks great and we are 100% satisfied with Taylor music and how they treated their customers. This is a honest business and I will suggest my friends to buy from them.
Meghan Murnane
18:49 10 Jan 22
I was very happy with Leah the piano technician who came to tune our piano. Our piano hadn’t been tuned in many years. She also fixed an elbow on our F sharp key and was very compotent and professional! Also, the pricing was very fair! My daughter is very excited to have a piano now in proper pitch and good working condition!
Melissa C
21:33 06 Oct 21
I bought a brand new and beautiful Kawai grand piano from Taylor’s Music Store recently. During my visit to the store, Tom from the Piano Department was very professional, courteous and attentive in answering all my questions. I have enjoyed my conversation with Tom. (Thanks Tom!) Also thanks to B&N Piano Service (Taylor’s business partner) for coordinating and delivering the piano to my house in good condition. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Taylor’s Music. Excellent customer service!
susan jarvis
11:13 01 Aug 21
Tom in the piano department is fantastic! He helped me select a digital piano for our second home in NC. He has tremendous patience and let me gravitate to the instrument that I liked the best. When I had an issue with the pedal connection he was able to get me assistance overnight from CA to NC. Absolutely outstanding customer service and I couldn’t have asked for more. I love the Kawai piano that I purchased and I can continue practicing when I’m at the beach. I strongly recommend Taylor Music Center for attention and personal service. I don’t see how anyone could merely purchase an instrument online without any assistance
eli ecret
15:27 12 Apr 21
the have a fantastic array of electric guitars and grand pianos. i went in to try out some guitar pedals and the one guy was very accommodating and said i could try as many as i could out and i could use any guitar i wanted. they also have a room full of grand pianos of all different manufacturers. the guy in there is very nice and extremely knowledgeable about the pianos. they have a separate room with upright pianos.
Amy Murnane
14:16 24 Feb 21
I’ve been using Taylor’s as my go-to music store for 20 years! In a small town, I like to support family-owned small businesses. As a musician, I like to support other musicians. Taylor’s staff is always knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We’ve done many school instrument rentals, purchased instruments, taken lessons, have my piano tuned, and purchased materials/gear through Taylor’s. I’ve even held my piano recitals in their 3rd floor recital room. This store has done it all for us as a family of musicians- thank you Taylor’s!!
C. George
20:22 11 Jun 20
Our first visit to Taylor Music was in 2017 to purchase a new trumpet for our daughter. While we were there, we met Tom Buglio in the piano department. Tom was very patient and let our (young) daughter try out a variety of pianos explaining the differences from one to the next. Having just bought a trumpet, we weren’t ready to purchase a piano, but Tom was kind enough to give us a quote for a Kawai GX2 BLAK that we liked before we left. Fast forward three years...we decided that we were ready to replace our Yamaha upright with a Kawai GX2 BLAK (in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic nine the less). We contacted Tom, agreed on a price and in less than two weeks (including delays due to the pandemic), the piano was delivered to our home. Tom and the delivery company were fantastic from start to finish! We appreciate the attention that we received and the Kawai is the perfect piano for our daughter. Thank you!
terry panzer
15:54 04 Jun 20
I am in Dallas and was wanting to purchase a piano. Taylors Music store did a fantastic job in handling the purchase transaction. From start to finish it was a great experience and it was delivered to Dallas quickly and smoothly!
Deshen Lin
18:20 04 Apr 19
Update on 04/04:Tom called me right after reviewing all pics I sent to him, he sincerely apologized to me since he didn't expect the damage can be such serious, he promised the damaged piano will be replaced ASAP and we can still use it first until another new one is available.On 04/04, Tom informed me that a brand new K-300 has been ordered from a Kawai warehouse in New Jersey and are expected to be delivered to my house within one week. Review was changed to 4 stars, I will keep this review updating.On 04/03:Extremely disappointed with this store and their piano dept manager, my son's BRAND NEW Kawai K-300 was delivered 2 hours ago WITH A BIG DAMAGE ON THE KEYBOARD COVER.The two piano movers from B&N Piano Service took pics and promised Taylor's definitely will provide a satisfied solution, they don't think the piano was damaged during today's transportation and they admitted a thorough inspection was not performed in Taylor's store.The piano dept manager called me a few minutes ago, after a simple sorry then told me the piano will be FIXED, when I asked if the damaged piano can be replaced by another one, he said NO, then I asked if it can be returned, the answer is another NO. Is customer service as a reputable music store supposed to be like this? Come on, I bought a BRAND NEW piano from you, NOT Pre-owned, NOT SELLER REFURBISHED!Pics have been sent to them and uploaded here, I'm looking forward their replies and will keep this review updated.
Peter Dolan
21:08 25 Feb 19
I've been going to Taylor's for years. It's always been a great music store. I just had the opportunity to buy a digital piano. I'm glad I went to Taylor's. I had gone to a franchise/competitor in KoP. The salesman there just didn't know what he was talking about. Tom, though, at Taylor's was great. I told him what I was looking for and he showed me all my options. He never put any pressure on me to buy more than I wanted. It was a great experience and it's a great piano.
Lynne Hamer
16:28 30 Jun 18
I have been a teacher at Taylor's for 12 years and enjoy teaching all ages piano and guitar. Great place to work!
22:45 09 Dec 17
Just purchased a Yamaha C2 piano used from Taylors music. Outstanding experience. Great price to begin with. Very accommodating folks. Had very specific asks with delivery and they made sure it was done perfectly. Highly recommend for all your music needs.
Almshouse Philly
13:56 02 Jun 17
Tom, Thank you for the beautiful sounding (and looking) Kawai K500 Piano – it was a pleasure doing business with you! From our first conversation over the phone to the many follow-up calls, you were always friendly and informative. If and when anyone asks about where to purchase a piano from, I will most definitely point them towards you and Taylor’s Music.
Peter Marshall
00:15 30 Aug 16
Tom patiently advised and helped us buy a preowned Yamaha upright piano. The whole experience was very smooth and a few days later we had a beautiful new instrument in our home!
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